Author Topic: Virtuemart Dynamic Product with Dynamic Price( Non-Attribute )  (Read 1372 times)


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I'm working on a project and i have some problems. My work targets is:
1) I'm used the joomla component. This is okay.
2) In the page we're have 6 inputs. This inputs are product attributes, but prices are not static. Price formula in priceCompute.js. Price computing is ok.
3) Now i want add this dynamic product to VirtueMart Cart.

My problems are:
1) When i add dynamic product to cart then VirtueMart Cart required product id. But i have no products. Because this product is dynamic.
2) I'm looked VirtueMart api docs and finded ProductModel->store( &Product ). I tried but returned false because of this codes:
    vmError('You are not a vendor or administrator, storing of product cancelled');
    return FALSE;
in administrator/components/com_virtuemart/models/product.php; line: 1436

How to i add this product to cart and order?

Example Page:

Example Variables:
1-Wellig, 200, 250, 150, 100, innerhalb 10 tage
after u gived all inputs right buttons will be show. You must to click bottom button.

Sorry for bad English and thank you.


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Re: Virtuemart Dynamic Product with Dynamic Price( Non-Attribute )
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2013, 10:52:38 am »
That's normal. Without a product VM conisders that there is nothing to add in the cart. Actually what it stores in the cart is the product id and the qiantity.
Why don't you create a product in vm which will be used for this?