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Several issues on the checkout-process
« on: December 10, 2011, 14:57:18 pm »
I couldn't find anything similar to my problems, so a new thread again...

We are creating a german shop, so we need the "accept the tos" box at the end.
The problem is, that it doesn't show up. The option is set in the configuration like shown below:

The code on the cart\default.php now look like this:
Code: [Select]
<div class="terms-of-service">
<span class="terms-of-service"><span class="vmicon vm2-termsofservice-icon"></span><?php echo JText::_('COM_VIRTUEMART_CART_TOS'); ?></span>
<?php echo shopFunctionsF::limitStringByWord($this->cart->vendor->vendor_terms_of_service666'...'// Cut the text ?>
<br />
<p><a href="" target="new">Weiterlesen</a></p>
<?php //echo $this->cart->vendor->vendor_terms_of_service;?>
// Terms Of Service END ?>

<?php // Continue and Checkout Button ?>
<div class="checkout-button-top">

<?php // Terms Of Service Checkbox
if (!class_exists('VirtueMartModelUserfields')){
require(JPATH_VM_ADMINISTRATOR DS 'models' DS 'userfields.php');
$userFieldsModel = new VirtueMartModelUserfields();
echo VmHtml::checkbox('tosAccepted',$this->cart->tosAccepted,1,0,'class="terms-of-service"');
echo '<span class="tos">'JText::_('COM_VIRTUEMART_CART_TOS_READ_AND_ACCEPTED').'</span>';

echo $this->checkout_link_html;

As you can see, i commented the line
Code: [Select]
//if($userFieldsModel->getIfRequired('agreed')){ out, since it didn't work while it was there. Doesn't seem to be the best solution, so i wanted to report this.

If a customer adds a product to the cart, it doesn't matter if he checks the box or not, he will get the "Accept the terms of service" message every first try.
If he tries a second time (the box keeps being checked, he doesn't need to check it a second time), it will accept it.
Most users who tested it, did leave after the first warning, because they already checked it and it was even still visible that they did...

If the user finally gets from the cart to the checkout after hitting the "Send order /Bestellung abschicken" button at least twice, he will only get to another site, where he has to press it a third time, to finally confirm his order ("Vorgang abgeschlossen, bitte best├Ątigen Sie die Bestellung"). This is really annoying.

You can order something from yourself if you want to test it. The order-mail will only be send to me, no contract for you there.
Just don't use paypal, that one actually seems to work ;)

Edit: after reading the topic again, i'm not shure anymore if i did choose the wrong forum section. please move it in this case ;)