Author Topic: SubRelease M - Updated VM2RC2 (com_virtuemart1.9.8.x) -List of the bugs fixed  (Read 4468 times)


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People who use the svn must use at best daily the "Install tables or if necessary update them" function. When you use j1.7 and the svn, remember that you have to copy the plugins into the right subdirectories (weight_countries.php and weight_countries.xml in to a subfolder weight_countries). more here

Please update to version M

We did a release RC2 version L, and we found some errors. So we decide to release at once another one.
The M version is the latest version you should use. Please don't forget to update also the AIO component that includes all the modules and plugins;

The whole package is here

Here is the list of bugs fixed since the K version:

- prevent file move error while installation
- removed unnecessary sql calls when the media is empty
- fixed error that too many products where shown, and others   
- comment in raw email orders
- When you click "New Product" it no longer uses cookie for tabs. So now it always starts at Product Info tab
- Added check for Use As Catalog to Stock Level Checks if is Catalog stock level does not matter
- added  product_height  in cart
- mail change status fixed
- add to cart quantity to be set as the min_order_level
- activation link for J17
- The Manufacturer dropdown no longer shows when no manufacturers are set, also option to turn manufacturer drop down on and off has been added
- getuser in product for shopper groups   
- Custom Product Visibility By Shopper Group
- Adds update function so that new table contains default user view install/script.virtuemart.php
- BE: update status, comments ok;
- log info & send email to admin for payment / shipping plugins;
- logo for shipper;
- payment info in order print;
- fixed bug that media lost its type   
- fixed template
- added payment fee/tax on BE order_print
- Modified canonical
- Changes "effecting" to "affecting" (correct english) in strings.    
- adding description to the shipper name
- logo in standard plugin. Paypal notification.
- Credit cards table and menu removed;       
- setting userfield agreed on non required, disables tos checkbox in cart