Author Topic: SOLVED Terms of Service check box dissapeared - 2.0.0-RC-2L & 2.0.0-RC-2M  (Read 4290 times)


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SOLVED: Required was unpublished in shopper fields - agreed. In 2.0.0-RC-2K this didn't stop it showing on the cart page, but in 2.0.0-RC-2L & 2.0.0-RC-2M it does.

The Terms of Service check box dissapeared with upgrade 2.0.0-RC-2L (from 2.0.0-RC-2K) on the cart page. Shoppers can't checkout with out agreeing to the terms of service so they can't  get past this point.

Note: In Admin/Configuration/Checkout
Must agree to Terms of Service on EVERY ORDER? Off
Show Terms of Service on the cart/checkout? On

Changing the above options makes no difference - still can't checkout

Joomla Version 1.7.2

FYI: Problem still exists with upgrade to 2.0.0-RC-2M