Author Topic: How to make the Virtuemart menu layout the same as the Joomla menu?  (Read 3184 times)


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I am very new to joomla and virtuemart, but I was wondering how to change the virtuemart menu-style to the same as my Joomla layout style.

As you can see from the attachment, they are quite different. I have edited the bees_20 template to make it like that for the joomla menu. And as you can see, the "Training courses" link is highlighted because the mouse is over the link. I have looked at the "web inspector" in safari, and from what I can see, VM is using another class in the css file than the normal joomla menu. Joomla is using "menu", but VM is using "VMmenu". Where can I change this? I can do it in the web inspector, and it works, but how can I change it in the css files?


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