Author Topic: [SOLVED]Problem with polish diacritic characters in search module  (Read 2202 times)


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I found a problem when I try to find products with polish diacritic characters in name. Those characters are just removed from searching word, e.g. I type word: 'piĆ³ro' but search results are for word 'piro'. 
Any ideas, what can cause this problem?
I use Joomla 1.7.1 and VM2 J

OK I solved a problem. I figured it out that joomla getWord function is causing this problem. I replaced getWord to getVar in category/view.html.php and models/product.php and it works.
It's realy strage because getWord is only proxy function to getVar. Code of getWord function:
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public static function getWord($name, $default = '', $hash = 'default')
{// Deprecation warning.
JLog::add('JRequest::getWord is deprecated.', JLog::WARNING, 'deprecated');
return self::getVar($name, $default, $hash, 'word');
so I'm not sure why it works but i'm happy;)


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Re: [SOLVED]Problem with polish diacritic characters in search module
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2011, 23:29:49 pm »
You should use getString, but we create atm our own function for this. Getvar is too unsecure, getString is also not the best.
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