Author Topic: [SOLVED] Shopping Cart Module: link show cart not properly working with SEF....  (Read 4750 times)


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I'm testing the Virtuemart 2.0.0 RC2 with Joomla 1.7.2, and SEF enabled.

When I put items in the cart everything works OK except for some layout issues:
- in the whitebox that pops-up after adding an item to the cart the text "Show Cart" isn't displayed correctly, the "rt" has been cropped by the window...

but this wasn't my reason to open this topic.
After adding an item to the cart, and clicking continue shopping everything just is working fine, except when I want to go to the cart using the "Show cart" link, this link doesn't redirect me to the cart but to the all item category view. I can't show a link as it just shows "/cart" as link but it actually displays all items regardless what category.
When I'm on this page the "Show Cart" link has changed into "/COM_VIRTUEMART_SEF_CART". When I click it now, it does redirect me to the cart.

I've started from scrap and still using the sample data preinstalled by virtuemart.

This error I've experienced on both Firefox 7.0.1 and IE8.

The location of the test-site can be found here:


edit: Somehow during install some files were not properly installed i guess, after reinstalling no more problems.


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I cannot reproduce the cart issue.  Are you using subrelease J?

However, I also always see the "rt" of "Show Cart" being cut off in pop-up whitebox.


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Yes, I'm using J. The liveupdater says otherwise (i) but reading the forum more people experience the same version problem.
I've tried several things but it can only be solved turning off SEB and mod_rewrite...


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you have to update virtuemart and the aio component.

What version does virtuemart say?


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Virtuemart shows me V 2.0.0 RC-2j. AIO component tells me:

Virtuemart 2 All in one Installer – Live Update
A new version is available
Installed version
Latest version
Latest release date
Direct download URL

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I do'nt know your setting but it's a bug in language filter in all AJAX request.
Don't use language filter in joomla 1.7.


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Direct download URL
One number is wrong in the code, lol. So it shows you the download for the core and when you use update, you update the core not the AIO. Sorry for that.
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