Author Topic: vmextendedplugin.php fix - improper a class property and a method declaration  (Read 2327 times)


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VM 1.9.8 i (updated from 1.9.8 G->H->I)
Sample data installed
J! 1.7.1
PHP 5.3.5

Here is an abstract class:
Code: [Select]
abstract class VmExtendedPlugin extends JPlugin {
Here are the problems:

Code: [Select]
private $_name = '';...
Code: [Select]
private function getName() {

Both must be protected to be posiible to be inherited. I met a problem when experimenting with an extended plugin and getting fatal errors.

So it must be:

Code: [Select]
protected $_name = '';
Code: [Select]
protected function getName() {

FIXED in newer versions
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