Author Topic: "Tools | Reset all tables and do a fresh install" - incorrect result?  (Read 2216 times)


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JM1.7.3 VM k version
After obtaining some odd results after performing an update from i to k (using \tmp) I decided to try "Reset all tables and do a fresh install", expecting it would do as implied.  I was surprised then it resulted in an Error 500 including "JDatabaseMySQL::query: 1146 - Table 'dec5.icd2u_virtuemart_countries_en_gb' doesn't exist SQL=SELECT country_name FROM icd2u_virtuemart_countries_en_gb JOIN icd2u_virtuemart_countries using (`virtuemart_country_id`) WHERE virtuemart_country_id = "222".
The system had been set up to UK/GB only so where the Country "222" can from I have no idea.

I then checked the database to find all tables and data were still in place - it appears that no "fresh install" had taken place, and in fact the data in "_virtumart_userinfos" appeared to have been corrupted since this is where "virtuemart_country_id" for the entries had changed to "222".

Maybe I am wrong but I had assumed that "Reset all tables and do a fresh install" would remove all vm tables, then install, with the prospect of loading the sample data - this did not seem to happen at all.