Author Topic: Adding Tax at the end of checkout  (Read 2591 times)


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Adding Tax at the end of checkout
« on: December 30, 2011, 19:49:50 pm »
Hi there
We have a strange issue here:

VirtueMart 1.1.9 stable
Joomla - 1.5
Virtual Tax - check
European Tax mode - check

Polish Ecomm Site

If the user is a valid polish company with a valid VAT id, they do not get charged VAT. Great!

If they do not have a valid vat they get charged VAT at the UK rate; 20%

Here's where we have the problem.
Vat gets added at each step of the process, updating the cart as it goes. Where 99% of ecommerce sites show VAt at the end, total of the shipping and all other charges.

Please see the attached PDF for more info on screen shots:

What we want:
Tax/VAt to be added at the very end, after totalling all items, Shipping, Payment costs ect..
How can we do this?


Thank you!


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Re: Adding Tax at the end of checkout
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2012, 19:31:12 pm »
i second this and also. is there a way to add the tax ONLY at checkout and not while browsing the cart? if i change teh shopper info to not show tax then it doesnt show at checkout either. enabling it adds it to both browse price and checkout. i also want it because its the sellers state. if i choose buyers state, then it works great.