Author Topic: Desktop Application for Editing/Adding Data into Virtuemart Shop Website.  (Read 3821 times)


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Virtuemart Homework Live released.

It is updraged vision and version of VM Homework.

Video :
Home Page:


By using this application you can edit & Add New product and  category data in
your online / ruining virtuemart shop website without  login to site and without
any browser.

Quick Editing and updating frequently change of stock, availability price and
product attribute is now very easy.

Edit Manufacture, Add New Manufacturer, get products from same  manufacturer and
edit the most essential fields ie. Price, stock  availability publish un publish

A Simple DNS will make connection between your mysql and this application
It is developed in Microsoft Application don’t worry about heavy java  coding
like my other competitors projects, No installation of any thing  and your
windows will be clean.

More romantic in this application is you can know which order is pending  and
confirm and yes without visiting your website and going to order  window after
many window opening.

Please try and donate to this project so I can add more option for virtuemart

Yasir Ikram
92 0332 4144048