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First of all thanks to the developers. VM 2.1 will be an amazing shopping cart component. Did install it on my localhost without any problem and I am truly impressed.
VM 2.1 will allow a lot of flexibility and integrates very well into Joomla. The idea to allow to create different menu entries (like categories, cart a.s.o) provides a lot of flexibility, especially together with the Joomla modules, no hacks or metamods to display or hide something together with virtuemart, high flexibility in displaying product price a.s.o..

There remains one question: the SEF router. Will it be possible in the final release to create better URL. Now, with SEF router, Virtuemart RCA 2 creates url like: yourwebsite/component/virtuemart/hand_tools/Hand-Shovel.html. Will it be possible with the final release to have that thing a little bit shorter like: yourwebsite/hand_tools/Hand_Shovel.html (without /virtuemart/component/...)?

If I create a menu link (virtuemart default layout), I get rid of the /component/ but not off the /virtuemart/ (or shop).

HI franzpeter,
The router work as you mean
If you see component/virtuemart then you don't have set a menu for the option(as all joomla componant).
You can do link to category porduct or whatever.
If you don't want set all the link, you can simple do a link to the Main Shop View.
eg. You set Myshop as main shop then all your route must begi with

BYe ;)

Hi electrocity,

and what, if I do not want to have Instead I would directly start with the categories. Say I have tree categories: Hand Tools, Garden Tools, Power Tools. So the url should look like:,, (and not, a.s.o.).?

Hmmm download it,...

add a config setting to the the right panel and change the line in the router. :-)

YOu can add categories link in the joomla menu.
then you have mysite/powertools ...


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