Author Topic: I cannot se transfers on my paypal sandbox account.  (Read 1721 times)


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I cannot se transfers on my paypal sandbox account.
« on: July 01, 2011, 14:52:39 pm »
When users in my test setup pay for purchased items I do not se the transferred sum
show up on my paypal sandbox account.  How can I verify whether the sums are
transferred and if not, correct it?
I use Joomla 1.5.23 and VirtueMart 1.1.9.  I have paypal sandbox account with a Test
Account number, an email, username, password, signature, bankaccount, and
creditcardnumber.  I have set PayPal(Legacy) as only active payment method and with
HTML-form, testmode yes.  Under Admin -> Configuration -> Security I have Site URL
as , as SECUREURL I also have
ttp:// , Shop areas which must use https account and
checkout, generally prevent https connections checked.
I log in as user, check out an item,and press 'Confirm Order'.  I then get a series
of pages with paypal URLs, first to log in to paypal, then to 'Pay Now', and then to
a page containing 'You just completed your payment' and 'Paid to
christ_1309155005_biz@skynet' and access to an account overview that shows that I
transferred the sum to christ_1309155005_biz@skynet.  Joomla/Virtuemart has created
a purchase order, and the stock of the purchased item has been decreased by one.  So
all this seems to be in order from the user's perspective and from Joomla's
perspective.  However, on my paypal sandbox account I find no trace of having
received the money.  On the countrary, on the account it says "Balance: 0,00 EUR"
and the transaction summary is empty.