Author Topic: re-enable download button not active for expired downloads  (Read 1142 times)


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I've been looking into this problem for one of my shop admins and I think I've sussed it out what is happening but wanted to ask if anyone knows a workaround.

We sell downloadable products and everything works great but we get stuck when someones download expires or their attempts are down to 0. The admin is still allowed to 'resend download id' but this would be pointless because the id has expired or has no more attempts.

They are unable to 're-enable download' as there is still a record in the download table.

In effect the customer has to be asked to try to download one more time and get the error message ('your download has expired' or 'you have no more attempts left') in order for the record to be deleted. Only then does the admin see 're-enable download' button.

Could it be possible for the 're-enable download' button to be present when the download time has expired or there are 0 remaining so that the record could be deleted and a new one created with a fresh id and number of attempts?

If it has expired there is no way for the admin to send a new download email with a new id?

Hope this makes sense.

Any thoughts would be welcome as we're getting caught out on this and at the moment I have to go into sql and remove rows which is not a good solution for my client.




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Re: re-enable download button not active for expired downloads
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2011, 04:17:44 am »
I'm having same problem, did you managed to fix somehow to be able to re-enable download if expired