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Issue with Attribute List and overlap
« on: May 29, 2011, 05:44:00 am »

I am new to VM and have to say Awesome, really nice product.  I have been struggling with Zencart and Pesto and some others to get to a point to find the packages will not do what I want or they are just to complicated to configure.

So I picked VM and I am very very happy, it does everything I need  ;D

I have a problem in the Attribute List, Its over running the Frame as seen in the Image below.  I have been searching the site and will continue to do so as well as looked at the source via Firebug, I cannot find the area to adjust.  Please help.  I am using the ja_larix.  As you can see the Attribute is running past the frame, I would like to correct the Frame and stretch it all the way across.

Thank you in advanced

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