Author Topic: Tutorial: How to Upgrade/Redesign/Rebuild In a Folder with Seamless Restore  (Read 81597 times)


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How to rebuild, redesign, or upgrade a Joomla site in a folder.
With a Seamless 3 Second Restore.

By Alex Steiner Banquet Tables Pro

Step 1. Create a new folder in the public_html folder. We will call it “new” in this tutorial.
Step 2. Create a new database for the temporary Joomla site.
Step 3. Go to your Akeebah backup configuration, and change the “output directory” to the “new” folder.
Step 4. Run a backup.
Step 5. Change your akeebah configuration back to the normal “output directory”.
Step 6. Upload kickstart.php to the “new” folder.
Step 7. Launch Kickstart in the new folder, and follow the steps. MAKE SURE to use the NEW database details.
Step 8. If using virtuemart make sure to change the shop url, and secure url to include the “new” folder.

NOW: You can do all you need to do to the site on the same server, with the same configuration.

Seamless 3 Second Restore

Step 1. Once you have tested all the changes you have made, FTP to your virtuemart configuration file, and change the “shop urls” back to the root domain.

Step 2. Go to your main joomla site and run a backup.

Step 3. FTP to the “new” folder. DOUBLE, and TRIPLE check you are in the “new” folder. What you are going to do is “drag” the “new” site back 1 folder on top of the old site. (there is an illustration below) You can highlight every folder, and file in the “new” folder at once, and move them all at the same time. The move takes less than 3 seconds, and is as seamless as possible.

You should immediately go to the website, and start looking around for minor problems.   I have forgotten to change back “menu” urls and minor things.

PLEASE NOTE: Your site is using the NEW database, and NOT the old one.

I have also attached this tutorial as a PDF file.

NOTICE: 1 thing i forgot to add to this. 1 did have problems 1 time with the payment configuration be written over. SO, all i had to do is take the cfg file from the old installation, and FTP it over

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