Author Topic: Notifying external application when purchase completed successfully  (Read 1294 times)


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We would like virtuemart to fire off a URL to an external web application with the SKUs, quantities, and organisation details when a payment (paypal) transaction has completed.

(The external system will then be responsible for creating the product and emailing login details to the user.)

I've searched through the User Documentation and the Forum and haven't found anything about doing this; I thought someone may have wanted to perform a similar process to (say) update SalesForce but I've had no luck.

Can you guys advise on how I should go about configuring Virtuemart or where in the backend code I should implement this facility?

It might be more appropriate to code the event when the status changes to (say) completed rather than when the purchase is completed.  I am open to ideas on this.

TECHNICAL: I plan for virtuemart to POST a FORM via HTTPS to our external system with form fields as required.