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Drag & Drop Shopping Cart
« on: April 11, 2011, 11:30:12 am »
Hi all, I've been trying to get the Template Plazza Drag & Drop Shopping Cart (mod_tpdropcartvm) working but I'm stuck in, I think, the last step...

- Installed both VirtueMart templates (with/without that drag and drop function) using the FTP and sucessfully selected the one which has the D&D function (tpmystoredrag) in the choose theme option in VirtueMart, following the poor included tutorial.

- Installed and configured, as stated above the module (mod_tpdropcartvm).

I'm editing the side menu view/images of that green bar but can't see the "Drag me" button in the product category list. I've been reading the following website and it says that only that button shows..., as I said, in the product category list.

Notice at the bottom "The Drag Me icon will only appear in Category Listing."

I also noticed that it's using but yeah, I think that all of these codecs are already included/modified when you install the previous com/mods of Template Plazza.

I also tried switching the style of the list in Site Configuration but it still don't appear. I used different VirtueMart categories menus and, of course, the same that they used in the myStore Plazza demo template. I'm talking about the (mod_tpindexvm) TP VirtueMart Index which works but still don't let me see that button.

The index module which they use...

I installed all of them included in the template package, including addons... Is that a template bug or conflict with some other module/mod which I have? Can someone help me? I think that it's simple to get it working but I'm stuck!

You can also notice in my website that there is an empty module called "TP Drop Cart" at the left menu which indicates that there is something wrong. It shows up if I activate the side bar and seems like if I need to link/set up a menu/categgory ID but that option doesn't exist in the back-end.

Joseph Kwan

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Re: Drag & Drop Shopping Cart
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2011, 02:07:31 am »
Look like there is a conflict in the javascript framework.
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Re: Drag & Drop Shopping Cart
« Reply #2 on: April 12, 2011, 14:09:31 pm »
I've installed the template with the example content in my secondary website to test stuff like that and it works but in the one which I want to get it working not! I've added a random product in that second website and the drag button shows up. What's curious is that some already added products don't show that button... Do you have any idea? Am I missing something? I've also tried exporting the drop module and VirtueMart theme with default contents to my first website and still don't work!

My second website with the template with the sidebar/drag and drop menu working

Check this category of laptos..., there are 3 with no button and the 4th has...

Here I randomly added a product and you can see the button working!

Is that a bug/conflict/not enabled option?

EDIT: I found a solution but it's a fudge. I can install the myShop template with the example content and then install the yourStore template and start again but it suposses add again EVERYTHING (menus, products, modules, components...) so, any idea before "I self destruct?"