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please help me to fix this problem
« on: March 18, 2011, 20:32:51 pm »

i think this is the right place to post this, im sorry if im wrong.

im having a problem when im using this method to load phatfusionslideshow
in my shop.product_detail.php i have

$path = 'components/com_virtuemart/shop_image/product/';
$db_k= new ps_DB();
$db_k->query( "SELECT * FROM `#__{vm}_product` WHERE `product_id`=".intval($product_id));
$full = $path . $db_k->f('product_full_image');
$thumb = $path . $db_k->f('product_thumb_image');
$db_jk = new ps_DB();
$db_jk->query( "SELECT * FROM `#__{vm}_product_files` WHERE `file_product_id`=".intval($product_id). " AND `file_is_image`=1 AND `file_published`=1 ORDER BY file_id ASC");
while( $db_jk->next_record() ) {
      $mfull = ltrim($db_jk->f('file_name'),'/');
      $mthumb = ereg_replace('product','product/resized',ltrim($db_jk->f('file_name'),'/'));
      $mext = '_'. $db_jk->f('file_image_thumb_height'). 'x'. $db_jk->f('file_image_thumb_width'). '.'.$db_jk->f('file_extension');
      $ereg = '.'. $db_jk->f('file_extension');
      $mthumb = ereg_replace($ereg, $mext, $mthumb);
      $more .= ';'. $mfull . ',' . $mthumb;
if (empty ($more)) {
   $product_image_slideshow = "<img src=\"$full\" alt=\"$product_name\"/>";
} else {   
$product_image_slideshow = '{phatfusionslideshow '. $full .','. $thumb . $more .'}';
$product_image_slideshow = vmCommonHTML::ParseContentByPlugins( $product_image_slideshow );
$tpl->set( "product_image_slideshow", $product_image_slideshow );

problem is not with phatfusionslideshow , im using another content plugin , its open up twice whenever there are more than one picture to a product.

my vm template developer said :

""""""""""""""""have found the problem.  plg_vm_sharethis  conflicts which the standard Virtuemart's method to call Content plugin i.e.

vmCommonHTML::ParseContentByPlugins ();

As per Virtuemart all Content plugins must be pursed through this to call them on the Product Details page. See this

phatfusion plugin  is added to Virtuemart theme using the standard Virtuemart methodology. But  plg_vm_sharethis  does not follow this methodology. It gets loaded bypassing the same. Therefore whenever  vmCommonHTML::ParseContentByPlugins  is called in Virtuemart product details page vm_sharethis gets loaded twice. So whenever Phatfusion plugin is called in Product details page vm_sharethis gets loaded twice. You will face the same problem with any other standard Virtuemart content plugins posted in

You need to explain this to  plg_vm_sharethis  developer and ask them to redesign their plugin so that it can support all other content plugins.""""""""

there is no help from this plugin developer.

could someone please help me to solve this problem

Thank you

p.s ill attract the plugin  and a snapshot

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Re: please help me to fix this problem
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2011, 19:11:05 pm »
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