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Product Priceing based on child products
« on: February 14, 2011, 23:41:50 pm »
Hello this is my first post. I am relatively new to Virtuemart and I have a question. I am doing a site for a client that sells photos printed on canvas. Currently I have it set up where I have a product, lets just say Glossy photo film and the sizes are the child products of that. I am trying to set it up to where the prices are based on the sizes or child products. So far that's gone well except for one thing; I cannot figure out how to remove the price on the product and let the price be controlled by the child product. I have tried just removing the price of the parent product but all that does is remove all of the child products. I have attached a jpg depicting my situation. If you will notice the "price" directly below "product details" and the "add to cart" button on the very bottom. How do I configure Virtuemart to remove those two items?

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