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i've found a bug in category view management: if i select a category template different from the default one, the category browse page dropdown still shows the view listed under the default category template instead of the ones listed under the chosen one.

for example
ja purity is configured to be the default category template
if i go to garden tools and choose beez as the category template, the category views which are under ja purity are still listed in the dropdown menu.

i could have category views inside beez , that i'd like to use for hand tools, since i want to have a different template for that category i should be able to override any views i want to, no ?
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Re: template override troubles: category browse views are template insensitive
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2011, 17:11:50 PM »

Very funny bug. Indeed it worked, but the sampeldata was empty. And the list missed the empty option, so you opened the category and see beez set, but in fact it was just the first option.

I added now an empty option. Every thing seems to work fine now.
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