Author Topic: Cancel and Return, cancel_return, PayPal, Pending, Sends Purchase order ANYWAY  (Read 6237 times)


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HI All,

Joomla 1.5.2, VM 1.1.6, PayPal Legacy

- User goes through checkout and makes it to the PayPal payment page.
- User changes their mind, clicks "cancel and return" FROM THE PAYPAL PAGE.
- User is returned to my VM STORE, their cart is emptied, the order is processed without payment and is set to pending. Both admin and user receive purchase orders.

Is this a known issue or have I got something set incorrectly?


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Technically it comes through as "pending" which does not mean processed.
BUT, there is a fix


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Thank you for replying. I appreciate it a great deal.

Should have said "the order is saved without payment and is set to pending.."? Sorry - I do my best to use proper terminology.

I've installed the patch and have tried it out.

1. It emptied out my UPS shipping module data. Users - be sure you copy down your shipping keys before using.

2. Upon clicking "confirm order' from step 4 of 4, it gets stuck in a loop. Meaning, the button disappears, the page stays the same, and "Connection lost, retrying connection..." appears and disappears where the button used to be.

3. Switching back to Legacy connects to PayPal fine.

Do you think I missed something in the set up? Or is this an incompatibility with 1.1.6?

The only part of the set up that was new to me was using a script to create the new table in SQL. I'll post that process (using GoDaddy) for others tomorrow.