Author Topic: Newbie has a Question about the Check out Pop up box  (Read 2072 times)

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Newbie has a Question about the Check out Pop up box
« on: January 10, 2011, 22:25:00 pm »
I'm new with this so excuse my ignorance.   I have three questions:

On my website ( I sell tickets to concerts I present.  When testing the new virtuemart shop my webmaster put in, I tried to buy a ticket to a concert.  When I clicked "add to cart" a pop-up window popped up that said "Continue"  and "Cart"  and also had an "i" with a note at the top:   The problem is that 1. The box always goes away faster that I can click on either "Continue" or "Cart"   and 2.  the note next to the "i" is unreadable becaue the font color blends in with the background.  Plus is isn't there long enough to read anyway....

So, my questions are:   1.   How to make that pop up box stay longer. ?
2.  How to change the color of the font on the note at the top.  ?

Also, after I filled out my personal info it wanted me to click "send registration"   The ideas of registration creeps me out.  I don't want my customers to "register", I just want them to send their info.   So, question #3 is, is there a way to relabel that to say send "info" or something besides registration?   My webmaster is new with this too and can't figure it out.
Thanks  in advance for your help!