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Help - Cart page: Product attributes not translated
« on: March 11, 2011, 09:57:03 am »
Hi! I have a website with 2 languages (de/it).

The problem i have found is on checkout / shopping cart page.
The product attributes are not being translated. It shows the product name translated and also everything else. Just the attribues remain in the original language.

In the rest of the site all of the attributes are being translated correctly.

What is the problem?

Maybe the problem is here:

I have found this string on line 28:

<?php foreach( $product_rows as $product ) { ?>
  <tr valign="top" class="<?php echo $product['row_color'] ?>">
   <td><?php echo $product['product_name'] . $product['product_attributes'] ?></td>......

>> "$product['product_attributes']"
that adds the attributes to the cart product list. Is this correct? Or is some code missing to retreive joomfish VM Lang Attributes.

Please help! Thank you!