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Shop Layout - Suggestions Please
« on: November 25, 2010, 18:48:07 pm »

I'm new to Virtuemart and Joomla but can usually bumble my way around with a bit of prodding. Both Virtuemart and Joomla are bang up to date with the latest stable versions.

I'm unhappy with the layout of the shop 'out-of-the-box' on all the themes I have available. Example below:

My intention is to have 12 to 18 products on each page in various catagories but nothing seems to line up in a tidy manner either on catagory pages or product pages.

As you can see with just the few products from the test data in that theme no two areas are alligned horizontally. On the themes (I don't want to use) where the title is alligned, the next row of products is all over the place.

I'm guessing that it's a combination of Joomla theme and VirtueMart theme css that are fighting with each other but don't really know where to start and I may be wrong.

Some guidence would be greatly appreciated.

BTW - are their icons available that look OK on dark/black themes. The default ones are horrible.