Author Topic: Where do I change language in "You have no items in your shopping cart" in 1.1.5  (Read 38977 times)


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I am going crazy trying to find where to change the cart text "You have no items in your shopping cart." I run 1.1.5 on this site and the Swedish language file available is 1.1.4

Everything works fine except this line is not translated and I have looked all over for it.
The Template company refers to Virtuemart forum since it is not in their template.

This is the text that is connected to the mod_virtuemart_cart

Anyone who knows where this text line is in any file please help!

I run several other sites in 1.1.4 VM but this one giving me headace.



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Have tryed to look in site root administrator/components/com_virtuemart/languages/common and search in the file called english.php

Maybe in in your swedish.php this line is not available and that might be the problem


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Where it says "name-of-theme" you should choose the name of the theme you are using.

Then edit the file minicart.tpl.php. There you can change it (rule 10 till 15).