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Another 'how can I optimize' question...
« on: October 04, 2010, 02:51:40 am »
Howdy, folks.  Need some pointers on how to optimize the display of VM product listings.  Specifically, I have three parent categories, one of which has 41 child categories of which 24 are published.  It is this area that needs help.

My problem is not with the display of categories.  That happens just fine, loading the category thumbnails in seconds.  In my case, the problem is that in a couple of these child categories, the page takes up to almost 40 seconds to render the items.

For example:
Category w/600 items takes about 38 seconds
Category w/500 items takes about 30 seconds
Category w/200 items takes about 12 seconds

It should be noted that the above times are on a cablemodem with 10MB down.  Of course once the images are cached on my local drive, the page loads in about three seconds.  However, I'm bound to lose customers if it takes this long.

I'm using the default VM default theme and a slightly modified JS Purity template (I only added different header images), but I've configured the store to display a flat product list using tables, one per row.  Also, I edited the file to remove display of SKU.  I changed the display to one item per row because I found the display of other options to be confusing and hard to determine which image beloged to which description, as there were no rules or highlights separating items from one another.

One thing that might be playing into this is that I am using URLs for the images which are located on my server, but outside the Joomla root.  There are corresponding thumbnails for every item, and those are displaying properly, just that it takes forever for the pages with higher item counts to open.

Hoping someone can give me a few suggestions on what can be done to optimize this a bit.

Thanks so much in advance!