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SSL Help
« on: August 23, 2010, 12:32:45 pm »
Hi everyone,

I have searched the forum up and down for a solution to my problem, and well I couldn't find it but found mixed answers and nothing has been rounded up or documented to help other users get this info quickly, if the answer is on this forums I haven't been able to find it in over 10 pages of searches. So sorry if this is a repeat, but I truly couldn't find anything.

My website requires secure connections (to become PCI Compliant..) currently I have been able to do some of this myself. I can get certain pages to go to https, but they don't show as a secure connection i.e. the nice blue bar confirming the certificate. My SSL IS set up properly on my server I have tested it by going or robot.txt for example.

Joomla version: 1.5.20
Virtuemart: 1.1.4   (I am looking to upgrade to 1.1.5 but need to see what changes I've made it will overwrite first)
SH404SEF version: 1.0.16_Beta - build_222 (When it was free to download ;) )
PHP Version:       5.2.14
MySQL Version: 5.1.48

On my server I have removed the httpsdocs folder and https connections look up the httpdocs folder instead. But this isn't the issue as mentioned above, this issue is purely virtuemart.

What I want is for SSL to work 100% on the following pages:
- Virtuemart login
- Cart
- the whole checkout process

What have I done so far?

Adding this code to shop.cart.tpl.php
Code: [Select]
   else {
    $href = $sess->url( $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'].'?page=checkout.index');
    $href2 = $sess->url( $mm_action_url . "/index2.php?page=checkout.index");
    $class_att = 'class="checkout_link"';
which replaced the old code:
Code: [Select]
   else {
    $href = $sess->url( $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'].'?page=checkout.index&ssl_redirect=1', true);
    $href2 = $sess->url( $mm_action_url . "/index2.php?page=checkout.index&ssl_redirect=1", true);
    $class_att = 'class="checkout_link"';

I configured SH404SEF to no use SEF on secure pages, I have specified which pages I want to use SSL on in virtuemart config.

I have installed ReReplacer to replace non http with https.

None of this has fixed my issue of the certificate being verified it only shows https but no fancy blue bar (in firefox)

Hopefully someone here has had this problem and been able to fix it. Please help!

Preferably before I pull out my hair and go on a crazy rampage =]


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Re: SSL Help
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2010, 23:26:42 pm »
There is no reason why VirtueMart should mot work OK with an Extended Validation SSL (EV-SSL) certificate as long as any images, css or scripts are correctly called using https.
Have you tried with no SEF at all on the site?

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