Author Topic: Not accepting Cookies - force of SSL issue?  (Read 2635 times)


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Not accepting Cookies - force of SSL issue?
« on: July 22, 2010, 23:24:52 pm »
I have virtuemart setup and first I had a problem with the UPS module...and the SSL cert...we had to buy a certification and thought that would fix the issue...well, I think it did, after I made the correct settings and put the https:// secure url in place as well as enabling it to force SSL....once I enabld it to force SSL the UPS error went away and now this poopy cookie error comes's starting to really frustrate me!

I've checked into all this stuff:
The cookie info warning can be disabled -

The reasons for the warning appearing will still be present though. It seems that often there is a webhost configuration issue.  The temp directory and session save path must be correctly defined in php.ini - and obviously, the temp directory must be writable. Also the directory /components/com_virtuemart/shop_image/ must be writable by server.

Other checks are to ensure that the url used to address the site is the same as defined for $mosConfig_live_site in Joomla's config file, and that the equivalent secure url is correctly entered in VirtueMart's config. (eg if the site is accessed by a url including ://www. then that should be in both Joomla's and VM's configuration.

Some other components/modules may interfere with cookie handing, eg
this was all from a previous post..but nothing disable the cookie error thing and it dissappears but still has the problem.  ...Cookies are accepted by all my browsers(IE, firefox, chrome, safari) but still get this's critical that I find an answer to this...this is rediculous and needs to be fixed some way or the other...

Is it a server deal? or is it my config files for either Joomla or Virtuemart?  I don't Joomla config file is set fine...I think...$live_site variable is blank, would that be a problem?

Thanks alot guys.   


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Re: Not accepting Cookies - force of SSL issue?
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2011, 04:24:28 am »
Well that's interesting. I've had a similar problem with cookies and ssl. I my case I wanted the whole site to have ssl but we'd get that stupid cookies not enabled message and the cart would empty so I typed the sites fqdn into $live_site and it started working. I've not fully tested this but I'm puzzled as to why $live_site was empty and why there is no longer a field in the admin end to set it, thre used to be in Joomla pre 1.5