Author Topic: Legal terms of use VirtueMart Software  (Read 3500 times)


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Legal terms of use VirtueMart Software
« on: June 25, 2010, 13:50:32 pm »

I would like to ask one very important question, partially Policy and Faq answer to the question but I need to be sure.

Can someone use VirtueMart SW (as it is or with some updates to VirtueMart code) and sell it in package with VirtueMart SW deployment on the hosting server and unique graphic as a product? Basically selling e2e deployment of shopping service which is using VirtueMart SW?

Does VirtueMart SW can be use comercially as a product at all?

Thanks for you answer.


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Re: Legal terms of use VirtueMart Software
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2010, 14:07:47 pm »
I would refer you to the GNU licence under which Virtuemart is offered

You will need to do more research into the GNU licensing if you want to ensure you are covered for the activities you are undertaking. 

If you are selling a service, it is the service that you control what you use to deliver the service is up to you.

What you cannot do is charge for the software both joomla and virtuemart, or put restrictions on the software that are not conveyed as part of the GNU licencse.


You are not allowed to sell software that includes parts of VirtueMart Code.

It is not a duty imposed upon the developers to ensure that your business activity relating to the use of virtuemart is compliant, unless of course they feel you are not, at which point it will be your duty to prove that you are.

At the basic level, do not remove the licence statements from any of the software.

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