Author Topic: "Customer Checkout in Greybox" option unavailable in template config.  (Read 2290 times)


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I am trying to configure my site so that the checkout process is the same way it was under VM 1.1.3 and have tried to disable the greybox checkout popup that appears during the checkout process.  I went to Virtuemart-->Configuration-->Site-->Configuration for my template but I don't have the option "Customer checkout in greybox."  It doesn't even appear on the list.  Is there an alternative way to disable this box (ie. code modification) or does someone else know of a way I can get this option to appear in the list?  I'm using the Aluma Photography template from Shape5.



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There are two approaches.

First you can open the components/com_virtuemart/themes/YOUR_VIRTUEMART_THEME/theme.config.php file. Replace the YOUR_VIRTUEMART_THEME string with your actual VirtueMart theme name.

Change the following line:




Alternatively, edit the administrator/components/com_virtuemart/classes/htmlTools.class.php file and put comment signs (#) in front of each line of the function loadGreybox( ) code:

function loadGreybox( ) {
        global $mosConfig_live_site, $vm_mainframe;
#       if( !defined( '_GREYBOX_LOADED' )) {

#           $vm_mainframe->addScriptDeclaration( 'var GB_ROOT_DIR = \''.$mosConfig_live_site .'/components/'. VM_COMPONENT_NAME .'/js/greybox/\';', 'top' );
#           $vm_mainframe->addScript( $mosConfig_live_site .'/components/'. VM_COMPONENT_NAME .'/js/greybox/AJS.js' );
#           $vm_mainframe->addScript( $mosConfig_live_site .'/components/'. VM_COMPONENT_NAME .'/js/greybox/AJS_fx.js' );
#           $vm_mainframe->addScript( $mosConfig_live_site .'/components/'. VM_COMPONENT_NAME .'/js/greybox/gb_scripts.js' );
#           $vm_mainframe->addStyleSheet( $mosConfig_live_site .'/components/'. VM_COMPONENT_NAME .'/js/greybox/gb_styles.css' );

#           define ( '_GREYBOX_LOADED', '1' );
#       }

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Thanks!  I followed your first suggestion and it worked.  I had to manually add the line "useGreyBoxOnCheckout" and set it to "0" but it worked.