Author Topic: mod_virtuemart_cart on non shop page: virtuemart theme css style not applied  (Read 2344 times)


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Hi All!

I'm using virtuemart 1.1.4 and mod_virtuemart_cart_1.1.4.j15 on joomla 1.5.17.

I have successfully created a theme which also defines css for mod_virtuemart_cart.

When the cart module is used on a page where the virtuemart component is used (via menu entries for eg. a shop category or the category overview) the cart module ist styled as expected.

For all other non virtuemart pages the theme css file is obviously not loaded and the cart module is unstyled or has the default joomla theme style.

How can I force loading of the virtuemart theme style for mod_virtuemart_cart on non virtuemart pages (eg articles connected via joomla standard view component)?

Any help would be great.