Author Topic: is there a module/plugin to set a minimum number of items that must be purchased  (Read 4523 times)


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i'm trying to configure virtuemart to be one of these "collective buying power" sort of groupon and the million others out there.
but the one problem i am stuck on is - is there a way to set it so that a minumum number of product X must be purchased, before that product is actually avaliable?
for example, say i post a deal of the day, but 50 must be purchased before any of the payments are actually charged? so if 100 are purchased, the deal is processed and all customers are charged/billed, but if the deal ends with only 40 "purchased" then the deal is not processed and none of the customers are actually billed.

has anyone has seen a module, plugin, or extension of anything like this?
thanks for any ideas or suggestions!


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Check out our Virtuemart Group Buy Module.  We are the first to bring this type of purchasing style to Virtuemart.  Our link is  We offer everything from a base package to fully customized solutions!

Let me know if you have any questions!