Author Topic: Buyer/Shopper Groups & Admin for the group  (Read 1408 times)


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Buyer/Shopper Groups & Admin for the group
« on: April 07, 2010, 22:40:48 pm »
I have a Business-2-Business website.

I have a need for a system where multiple buyers can come from the same company.
For instance, a Hotel XYZ could be a company with multiple buyers Tom, Dick and Harry. All three individuals have their own logins and can order separately like a regular shopping cart.

However, there is a separate individual who is the supervisor of all three buyers and is the big boss in Hotel XYZ.
This supervisor will have a separate login and he should be able to view the order of all three buyers in Hotel XYZ.
The supervisor is almost like an admin except he is admin only to the members in his company.

I can see this is a custom job, but was just wondering if anyone can suggest an extension or an existing function in VM or even a different shopping cart.