Author Topic: Category only display 5 products maximum where many exist  (Read 1179 times)


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Category only display 5 products maximum where many exist
« on: April 21, 2010, 21:02:05 pm »
This bug is inconsistent, feels like a cacheing problem.  This shop is configured for 2 category levels with no products in the top level:

List Categories
    Category 1
        SubCat 1
            Prod 1
            Prod 2
            Prod 3
            Prod 25
        SubCat 2
        SubCat 3
    Category 2
    Category 3
    Category 4

The shop is built out like this. The low level subcategories have anywhere from 0 to 63 products in them.  This works, then I get a call from my client that only 5 products are displaying in Category 1 --> SubCategory 1

I look, methodically check that all products and categories are correctly published, which they are, then start hopping around to other subcategories to see if there are problems.  Nothing - then as I keep clicking around the "5 limit" taps another category until it eventually hits many, not all.

To make it easier to see I added an echo statement to list the number of products on a category page.  I thought at first it might be related to stock numbers or such, but the config to check stock levels was disabled.  

I eventually got the problem cleared by clearing cache, cookies, and sessions (although I don't think see why).  However, the problem returned.

This round I went to Joomla/VM configuration and disabled anything having to do with system cache.

Site --> Global Settings --> Cache --> No
Left Session to 1800 Minutes and Database

Turned JRE Cache Component --> Off

sh404SEF - Is enabled. Cache management --> Activate URL cache --> No

Other than browser cache, there is nothing.  I verified this by visually checking the ~/www/cache directory.

So, I just got a message from my client that she is seeing the problem.  Here I accessed the website from 3 different computers and many different browsers and I see NO problem.  

The real question is, what is causing categories to spontaneously inherit a limit of 5, a limit which spreads sporadically to other categories when the bug hits.


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Re: Bug - Category only display 5 products maximum where many exist
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2010, 05:58:14 am »
Check your Joomla config -> List Length. Is it set to 5?