Author Topic: Ability to send purchase info to external URL  (Read 769 times)

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Ability to send purchase info to external URL
« on: March 23, 2010, 18:33:08 pm »
So, this is something I'm just not sure if VM is capable of, but I need to know before I proceed with this project.

We're a company that sells educational materials, via online login, and we're working with an affiliate that wants to sell our products for us. The trick is, all of our user creation and authentication happens automatically on our site after purchase, and they'd like to use an automated method as well. With many of our other affiliates, this simply means setting it up so that their e-commerce site "pings" a script we create that takes the required information, generates an account e-mail, and goes from there.

What I need to know before I go any further is this: Does VM allow information to be sent to an external URL as need be? I would only need to send specific info, and it could even be sent via a command-line SQL request. If this is impossible, we need to know right away so I can talk with the client about an alternative. Thanks for your help!