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Category showing as Parent in searchbot
« on: March 19, 2010, 19:52:41 pm »
I have eight categories that according to the tables all are set as top-level.  I have modified the language file so that the word categories shows "Galleries" instead.  When a search is done and the results are correctly returned.

Search on: "angel"

Search results:

1. Angel, 1994   

However, when I added a new category "Panoramic" which is setup the same as the previous (double checked the vm_category table as well) the results change.  It now shows the "Panoramic" category as the parent to all other categories.

Search on "angel"

1. Angel, 1994   

I have tried deleting the "Panoramic" category and re-creating it -- but the problem still exists.  Any suggestions?  


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Re: Category showing as Parent in searchbot
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2010, 17:32:00 pm »
Based on what you have posted, it appears you are using the "Joomla search" with the "VM extended plugin" enabled, and not the VirtueMart search.

When using the Joomla search, the results appear as

n. Product Name

     xxxxx = the VirtueMart Menu Item ID name
     yyyyy = the product's Category 

Note that the 2nd line is not "Parent Category/Child Category".  Perhaps you are getting "Panoramic" because it is the name of a Menu Item you have assigned to VM.

Some things to try to get the results you want:

- if the search is just for VM products (and not Joomla articles and VM products, use the VM search

- if you haven't already, add the VM Module to your site to show VM Categories (instead of separate Joomla Menu Items for each Category).  Or see


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Re: Category showing as Parent in searchbot
« Reply #2 on: March 22, 2010, 15:39:44 pm »
Thanks rb:

I have had some difficulty with Joomla menu items and the "Panoramic" category in VM that were resolved by turning off the IP verification in VM's configuration.  Wrongly, I assumed that this search issue was related.  What's weird is that none of these products are attached to the "Panoramic" category and therefore should not be attached to the menu item.  Everything  worked as expected until I added the menu item and category "Panoramic".

SInce this does not appear to be a category issue -- I will close this thread, spend some additional time looking at the code for the extended search and see if I can determine how the data for menu item and product name are retrieved.

I will also, per your suggestion look at using vm search module instead, however, the client would prefer one search for the entire site both Joomla, VM and some additional components.

Again, Thanks for pointing me in a better direction.