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Joomla/VirtueMart User Management...
« on: March 26, 2010, 12:35:44 pm »
I need your advises:
in my site I allow user registration in frontend. Until now it is managed by Joomla User Management.
It seems to work fine because when a new Joomla User (created in 'jos_users' database table) goes to checkout, he gets this message + the the VM registration form:
Info: You are not a Registered Customer yet. Please provide your Billing Information.
Then the 'jos_vm_user_info' database table is updated with this VM new user. Seems to be OK...

Is there any trouble to proceed like that? Because it seems to be smart to give a rapid registration form ( not with too much personal infos like addresses...)

ButI am getting afraid because I see also:
Always use the VirtueMart User Manager for Adding / Editing and Deleting Users to / from your Joomla! site! If you use Joomla's built-in User Manager you will run into trouble, because required database table entries are not created for such users.
- As far as I see there is no problem in Frontend or Backend Registration and Edition: informations seem to travel from a table to another
- I have just seen a confusing thing during editing: the VM 'Bill To Information' names seem to replace the VM 'User Details' Name but not in the Joomla 'User Manager' Name. Not sure I have to check again…

So for the other case: When you delete Users with the Joomla! User Manager from the site that have been added with the VirtueMart User Manager, useless entries remain.
- Yes OK for that