Author Topic: Problem with price // Problema con precio 10.000.0000  (Read 1319 times)


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Problem with price // Problema con precio 10.000.0000
« on: March 07, 2010, 23:06:43 pm »
I have a big problem and I need to put a price of 14,668.000 for a digital camera in Colombian pesos, the problem is that when putting that price the system gets crazy and records a price of 10,000.000 I searched some forums and I think is a limit currency limit , number of digits, how can I increase that ? Sorry for bad English, im form Colombia

Tengo un gran problema y es que necesito poner un precio de 14,668.000  para una camara digital en pesos colombianos,  el problema es que al poner el precio el sistema enloquece y graba el precio como 10,000.000  estuve mirando en Internet y creo es un limite par ael currency, numero de digitos, como lo aumento?


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Re: Problem with price // Problema con precio 10.000.0000
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2010, 00:35:44 am »
feliptronics, I tried to re-create your problem but was unable to do so.  If you could provide a little more information it could be helpful, such as:

1. Where do you see the 10,000.000?  Is it in the back-end Administration, in the Product details and/or in the Product List?  Is it in the front-end on the Category Browse page and/or the product details flypage?  Is it in the Cart after you do an "Add to Cart"?

2. Do you have taxes assigned to this product?  If so, what value does it show in the back-end for Product Details, for the Gross Price?

3. Do you have more than 1 price set up for this product? (that is, do you have different prices for different quantities?)

4. Do you have Product Discounts assigned to this product?

5. Do you have Product Discounts assigned to any of the Shopper Groups?

6. Is your store currency set to Columbian Pesos?  How many decimal places have you configured it to show?

7. Does your store have any Currency Conversion enabled?

8. In the Product Details, is the price for this digital camera set to be in Columbian Pesos?

If you provide a link to your store, or provide some screen shots, that also may be helpful.