Author Topic: Remove modules from virtuemart category page  (Read 2645 times)


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Remove modules from virtuemart category page
« on: December 08, 2009, 22:45:20 pm »
Hi forum,
How do I solve the problem removing the modules on the category page in virtuemart?

of course I could create a "External Link" to the category page name "xxxxShopPage" to solve this but in my case I use the modules for new products.

Using this method and at the same time I publish the Category/"Produkter" menu bar on each page. This will empty the basked each time I click between the main menu bottoms.

So I am looking for a method to avoid modules to be displayed in the category in Virtuemart.


Michael Hesselberg

Other Data:
Joomla 1.5.15
VM 1.1.4


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Re: Remove modules from virtuemart category page
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2009, 10:01:00 am »
Hi Michael,

MetaMod (http://www.metamodpro/) is a great tool for targeting modules onto certain pages, or preventing them from showing on certain pages.

Check out the "recipes" page for use with Virtuemart:

Then perhaps the Quick Start guide:

One of the first things to do is to determine exactly when the modules should appear, and when they should not. e.g. "this module should appear on all VM pages EXCEPT the shop.browse page". I recently put a recipe on there which goes even further, and can target modules onto any shop.browse page that has (or does not have) subcategories on it.

The possibilities are endless, so it sometimes takes a bit of working out exactly what you want to happen on your site. Feel free to ask on the MetaMod forums if you need further help on this.

Best regards,
Stephen Brandon
MetaMod and MetaTemplate author