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Dutch - Nederlands translation question
« on: December 09, 2009, 17:38:12 pm »

The dutch translation contains "Waarschuw Mij" (warn me), which doesn't for fills the function it should in Dutch terms. It probably should be "Informeer me" (inform me)or "Houdt me op de hoogte" (keep me informed / keep me updated), since I understand the second seems to be to large (length), it should be "Informeer me".

> Waarschuw Mij > Informeer me
"Normaal verzonden na:" this text is redundant at all, since you can't turn it off, while the images already give the correct information and the sentecne doesn't fit the load (it contradicts images sometimes and is redundant since "beschikbaarheid" already states what the images informs you about.

So "Normaal verzonden na:" should be something like "Verwachte levertijd" OR "Levertijd".

> Normaal verzonden na: > Verwachte levertijd
No I do not need to know how to change it my self on my own site.
It should be changed in the core files.
And yes I am willing to do so, but since I do not own the rights for these files to do so... ;-)