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German Countries + Federal States
« on: November 09, 2009, 22:23:47 pm »
Hi guys,

I don't actually know whether this could be useful for anybody else except for me but I have just created a database dump containing a German country list for VM 1.1.4 (should work with any other version as well). It also contains all the German federal states and their abbrevations.

Usage Instructions: Simply unzip the attached file and apply "vm_german_countries.sql" to your virtueMart database. The database modification is assuming the default Joomla! database table prefix "jos_". If you use any other prefix then you just need to adjust lines 5, 7 and 262 of the SQL file.

IMPORTANT: Backup the virtueMart database table "#_vm_country" first as it will be truncated entirely when applying the modification.

I hope this little enhancement is useful for anybody ;)

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