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Payment Method per product or per category
« on: October 17, 2009, 21:30:53 pm »
Hi, I'm new to VirtueMart and I have installed the latest version on Joomla 1.5. I need to be able to setup different payees based on the category. i.e. I have two paypal accounts (account 1 and account 2). And I have two categories on my VirtueMart store (category 1 and category 2). What I need is that if a user purchases an item from category 1 their payment goes to my account 1. and if they purcase from category 2 the payment goes to category 2.
I wonder if someone has already figured this out or knows how to do this. 

I know the hard part is when customer adds one item from each category to the cart. in that case we should be able to select the default account.

Any idea?