Author Topic: User Registration On Download site - Email Only?  (Read 1805 times)

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User Registration On Download site - Email Only?
« on: October 16, 2009, 19:06:01 pm »
Hi there,

I have a small site from which I sell mostly downloadable music and some CDs by my band. I'm using J1.5.14, VM1.1.4.

A customer wishing to purchase our downloads must fill in an address field and give all kinds of unnecessary but mandatory information, I have had several who have refused to purchase because they feel we do not need this information - I agree with them.

Also I do not really want them registering to the joomla site, everything that they need to see is public, the rest of the site behind registration is for band members & band business.

The way that I would see it working in a perfect world :) is that the user enters an email address & password that refers simply to VM, no email confirmation needed. They are then transferred to Paypal for the financial transaction and back to the site for the download after payment is confirmed. If they want to follow up on their order they access the store using their email address and password.

This seems to be a very straightforward and uncomplicated method although it does mean a VM registration that is separate from the Joomla registration

It would also work to have the above AND with shipping information showing but to not make any of the address info mandatory. In this case a visitor ordering a physical CD can input an address but a download customer can bypass that step.

In a worse-case scenario where I must use a Joomla registration, I can make the band elements on the site only available to 'special' users but in any case address info should be optional.

Has anyone come across a configuration such as this or can anyone help?

Thank you

BTW these last paragraphs have been almost impossible to write because as soon as I start typing the window only shows the character the instant I hit it and then reverts to 2 paragraphs above - and forget about highlighting, it's impossible! - I'm sure it's not a VM error but most frustrating