Author Topic: Solution for the error: Failed to retrieve the Currency Converter XML  (Read 5472 times)


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Hi there!

According to the philosophy of giving & taking
and in order to help others (newbies, designers and all other non-coders like me, who dramatically depend on nice people posts in diverse forums - and who often almost loose their hairs, minds etc. while searching for problem solutions ):

Here comes my solution/workaround for the >Failed to retrieve the Currency Converter XML< error message in VirtueMart 1.1 while (only?) working offline with it.

Due to the post of the member ash2o (February 26, 2009, 16:28:13 pm) who is the idea giver of my idea here:

1) Create two XML files (I usually take Dreamweaver) and name them: eurofxref-daily.xml   and   eurofxref.xml (I think they can be empty, since they are only placeholders)

2) Put them into your server localhost main directory  (in my case: MAMP/htdocs)

3) Go to your joomla application (administrator/components/com_virtuemart/classes/currency/convertECB.php and open it. Change the code on line 29 and 31 so that it looks like this:

var $document_address = 'localhost:8888/eurofxref-daily.xml';

var $info_address = 'localhost:8888/eurofxref.xml';

My Macs servername/port is localhost:8888, yours might be different, so change that. This two lines of code now refer to both of the (placeholders) XML files you created before.

Save the file, refresh your browser and start wondering how >easy< the error message dissappeared. I think that only the first code must be changed, but I did both since it did not harm and you never know ;-) ... AND: DONĀ“T forget to make a copy of the defalult >convertECB.php< - so that you can put it back, when needed, or if you make any mistakes you can try again ...

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