Author Topic: Featured Products & Latest Products Image Size Problem *SOLUTION*  (Read 4153 times)


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Hell VM community, well i would like to firstly thank everyone that has contributed on here over the years as some information has been really useful to me and i thought it was time i gave something back, if this helps then all good.

Many people i have seen in other forums and even on here have had the issue of the "Latest Products" and "Featured Products" modules showing thumbnails too big or showing pixelated thumbnails. The problem here is that when you have uploaded an image and asked VM to create a thumbnail if it is small, for example 90 x 90 pixels, the Latest and Featured modules call from script a line of code that them "enlarges" the thumbnail image and it pixelates. Many wish to have a smaller thumbnail and i have seen much talk of different PHP pages, Flypages, etc causing the problem. It isn't, it is merely a CSS style that is used from your template style.

If you go into: template/yourtemplate/css/template.css and search down the page you will come across a few lines of code that are styling VM, in all my versions around line 170 i have code such as:
      #fp .module #product .image_product img {width:90px;height:90px;}
This in fact is the exact line that the LATEST and FEATURED modules use to size the thumbnails, change these and hey presto...thumbnails resized! Problem solved, very easy and no need to change Flypages, PHP, etc. Here you easily style your images and also if you look your product scroller is also styled here within the template.css

I hope this helps anyone out there looking for a simple solution! :)
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Re: Featured Products & Latest Products Image Size Problem *SOLUTION*
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sorry, does not work in my case, I can not find the css in the path that you describe. is the css of the templates or VM?