Author Topic: Ad to Cart button missing with IE  (Read 3661 times)


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Ad to Cart button missing with IE
« on: December 01, 2008, 14:43:30 pm »

there are some flypages where the add-to-cart button isnt displayed.
With FF it works fine.

test on IE7

- flypage.tpl no add-to-cart button
- flypage_images.tpl no add-to-cart button
- flypage_lite_pdf.tpl no add-to-cart button

- flypage_ask.tpl add-to-cart button ok
- garden_flypage.tpl add-to-cart button ok

if i have some time i will look for the difference... but its surly a bug.

i did a look, and something really strage happend:

flypage.tpl 58
<td colspan="2"><br /><?php echo $addtocart ?></td>
changed to
<td colspan="2"><?php echo $addtocart ?></td>

Now it show the add to cart button with IE7... any idea?
Same with the other files. Remove the <br /> and it show the button with IE ... really strange...

But if you write <br /><br /> it works again. Only one <br /> no button is shown.


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Re: Ad to Cart button missing with IE
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2009, 06:08:12 am »
Well, I have the same problem now... so some 6 months later it is still an issue. This is disappointing as it would seem Virtumart 1.1.3 is actually almost unworkable with Internet Explorer < 8

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