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Shipping -> Flex Modul translate
« on: June 27, 2009, 15:21:57 pm »
Please help

   My question is for modul FLEX from Shipping module.
It's module who calculate some value on base product, but in the page this value stays after the text "standart shipping" (the text is in the Flex.php in administrator/com_vartuemart/classes/shipping). I found it, but I can't translate on my language (bulgarian - cyrillic). So, first I tried to change directly the text but in the page came out squares instead of the bulgarian text. After this I changed  the encoding in all files in folder "languages", but nothing happened and I can't understand how the page files found the language files. If I know this maybe I  can make STANDART_SHIPPING in Flex.php search some text in some language file.