Author Topic: Blank Page when Virtuemart Product Translation edit?  (Read 4604 times)


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Blank Page when Virtuemart Product Translation edit?
« on: June 10, 2009, 17:53:10 pm »

I’m having a little problem here and hope someone can help. I’m developing on my local server “MAMP” so cannot give a URL to look at so I’ll try to describe the problem as clearly as I can. See below:

Google Translation 1.3. for Joomfish
Macintosh OS X 10.5.7
MAMP 1.7.2
Apache Version : 2.0.59
MySQL 5.0.41
PHP 4.4.8 & 5.2.6
eAccelerator control panel
Apache Environment (GATEWAY_INTERFACE) CGI/1.1
apache2handler Loaded Modules mod_rewrite (yes)

As you can see above I have Google Translation for Joomfish working with Joomfish and most of it works fine except for one very important thing. I have 5 test products entered from Virtuemart and (Google Translation for Joomfish) has done the translation to French but here’s problem #1.
When I view the category which normally lets me view the list, short text and thumbnail of each product. All is correct but when I select a product to view the full text it does not show any text at all. If I switch back to English it’s all there.

Problem #2. which may be related.
When I open the Joomfish Translations of the Virtuemart products they are all published with the green check mark beside them but if I click to edit any of the 5 product translations I get a new blank white page and have to hit the back arrow to return to Joomfish.

Using the filters on any other Virtuemart or Joomla translations work fine. I can open and edit so it’s only the Virtuemart “products” that don’t work.

Any suggestions would be appreciated and thanks in advance.