Author Topic: [problem] Language problem - XML OK, Joomla langpack + VM langpack  (Read 4431 times)


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I have a problem with polish language in VM. (joomla 1.5.10, VM 1.1.3).
I have installed the language pack in Joomla (xml file is OK). I used the languages pack for VM 1.1.3 but after changing the Joomla's lag, in VM is stiil ENG. Where can I find the problem and how can I solve it?

Thanks for the help in advance :-)



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Hi there, I have exactly the same problem. Installed everything, into com_virtuemart/languages folder etc..  however nothing has changed, despite changing front end language in Joomla. Any luck?


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    • avocadeau
hi, newbie to newbie :D

you should have joomla language instaled for admin.than make it the default.

you can read this topic here

to manage language translation you can use this component